Sail & Canvas Cleaning

Dirt and salt crystals can erode the fibers in your Sails and Canvas. Annual cleaning of your Sails and Canvas can add years to their life. Drop off your sails and/or canvas and we will do a complete inspection making any repairs needed. See below for a complete list of our 16 Point Inspection.

All Sails:

  • Inspect edge tapes for chafe and stitching
  • Inspect all seams
  • Check luff rope for chafe and tears 
  • Inspect corner patches
  • Inspect all sail hardware (hanks, shackles, rings, webbing, etc.)
  • Inspect leech and foot lines and cleats
  • Clean-up head of luff rope
  • Inspect ultra-violet covers and stitching
  • Examine cloth for fatigue and delamination
  • Check for stains and salt residue
  • Replace telltales

Mainsail (additional checkpoints):

  • Inspect reef patches and tie down points
  • Inspect batten pockets (both sides)
  • Check batten pockets for chafe
  • Inspect all sail hardware (shackles, slides, grommets, etc.)
  • Inspect headboard rivets and slug